Saying goodbye

Today we woke up around 8.30 to get ready for our long journey of 2390km back home. We had our breakfast and Heikki and Johanna took us to the airport. Also Hennis, Arttu and Nico came to say their goodbyes. Arttu gave us a gift of a Finnish Mora knife, we felt honoured. We boarded our flight and said our last goodbyes to Joensuu.

At Helsinki airport we got some lunch and did some shopping for gifts for home.

We are writing our last blog on the bus en route to Limerick.

Thanks for the Finnish group for making us feel at home and for everything you did for the week! We had a brilliant time and the experience was a once in a life time one!!!

Jake, Jeffrey, Kate, Tara, Leah, Liz, Orla, Jack, Shane, Martin and Jonna

Saturday in Joensuu

We woke up at nine o’clock and we then went to make some carelian pie. They were maked of rye four and barely with rice and eggs inside. They were very tasty. We also saw the Finnish history in the museum. Next we went to tree top adventure park and on the day we saw some snow from the ice rink and had a snowball fight. At the tree top we did a obstacle course up in the trees. On one of the course it was a two person active which made the two pairs work together as a team.we finished the day at the beach and saying our last goodbye at the whisper youth centre .

orla and Jack

Return to Joensuu

On Friday we came back to Joensuu and ate lunch at Hesburger. After that we went shopping for three hours. We met a reporter who took some pictures and is going to make a story of us to the local paper.

We made tacos for dinner, and strawberry cake. The Finnish parents came over to watch a video that Niko had made of the Finnish visiting Ireland during Easter.

Tara, Kate, Jack and Jeffrey


We travelled to Ellunkallio by canoeing , others had travelled by bikes. We had some food with a trangia. We had sat at the camp fire making pancakes and sausages

– Nico

when we got to the camp site we put up our tents. It was fun but confusing. We had a beautiful scenery and the lake was lovely to swim in.


Hyvärilä Tuesday

we arrived at Hyvärilä at 2 o’clock. Then we practised putting up the tents and trangians. Then  we had a football game Ireland vs Finland Finland  lost 1-6. After that we went swimming and sauna it was the highlight of our day. We had a meet up and looked up the next day. Leevi and Matias


When we arrived at Koli national park we first went on a cable car that brought us up to the information centre. First we saw a nature film on Koli and how it was formed and after this we walked up to the highest point and then we had lunch and after  that we walked up another small bit and then we went back to the bus. We thought it was interesting,educational and intriguing. By Jeffrey Roche and Jack Molloy.

We got on to the air plane and then went onto a bus to get into another one the when we landed we went to a youth center and had dinner and played a few games. We stayed in green star hotel across from the youth center we all had to share a room with two or three people.  We all had a great time yesterday.  Leah

Journey starts here

imageHere we go – the second leg of East meets West youth exchange has officially started. We are on the bus headed for Dublin airport to get on our flight to Finland. It is an early start, we met up at our offices in Garryglass at 2.15am, and the bus departed at 2.45am. There will be some sleepy heads before the end of the day I’m sure!